Happy Clients
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    "Chaya is my one shop solution for gifts, quintessentially Indian but work well with people from different cultures.Most satisfying was my recent order of the tanjore worked frame of dance mudras was done beautifully, on time, packed very nicely & within the budgets we agreed on"
    Mrs.Aruna Anand
    Wife & Manager of Chess Champion Anand

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    "The beautiful 5ft X 4ft Ananthapadmanabha is the pride of our living room in Mumbai. The entire process has been a seamless & happy experience.There is more that we want from you soon."
    Mrs.Girija Jayasankar

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    "Chayas paintings have an old-world charm & ethnic feel, among the best we have seen. Our paintings arrived in the US in perfect shape. Thank you CHAYA for your professional and outstanding work"
    Shankar & Usha, Texas- USA

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    "Congratulations for bringing a beautiful store to Chennai which displays the rich heritage and artistic handicraft of India. I wish CHAYA all the very best and hope this space will showcase the master pieces of great artists, since Smt Champa Kumar herself is an artist and connoisseur of great repute."
    Gopika Varma-Mohiniyattam Exponent

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    "The reason I buy the work of Chaya is because of the clarity in work and the facial features. The gods look so divine."
    Mrs.Andal Agoram - Chennai.

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    "Like the fact that its handled by two generations...an interesting combination of youth and experience....Very personalized at the same time professional...Plenty of clarity in ....one knows exactly the expenditure involved while placing orders...Quality of work is very good....Very satisfied customer....All the best!"
    Mrs.Padmavathy Gunasekhar - Chennai.

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    "Always been fascinated by CHAYA s work. It captures the timeless appeal of Indian deities. Over the years have collected their work avidly."
    Mrs.Kausalya Neelakantan - Chennai.

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    "The paintings arrived safe in Delhi. The packing was done extremely well. I was very happy to see the paintings that had the signature Chaya style. Every one of our friends and teachers were thrilled to receive them and all of them appreciated the clarity and the beauty of the paintings.Thank you so much for your special attention and effort once again."
    T.S.Ramji & Meena-New Delhi

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    "Excellent tanjore paintings. I bought some recently for a Rotary national event and they were a big hit with every one. great job and thanks for the prompt delivery of the paintings"
    Mrs.Nalini Prabhakar - Chennai.

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Painting Classes


We teach Tanjore painting, Acrylic (incl.Kerala Mural) and Oil painting classes at CHAYA.  Beginners are also welcome. Age:  10 yrs upwards. The classes are taught one on one (max 2 to a class). It is taught at our gallery itself, by a professional artiste. We provide all the materials for the picture. An 8x10 picture is taught in class. You can choose the theme you like from our Gallery.  It has to be a single figure, not too complex. We recommend either a Ganesha / annam / elephant to start with. We also have lakshmi / andal if you like. We do not do other sketches during the class. 

Tanjore Painting:  Course fee is for 4 classes. 6000/- and includes all materials and artiste fees for 4 classes (8 hours only).  Timings are close to 2 hours a day for 4 days. The classes are one to one only and max of 2 students only. We do not do group classes. We also do weekend only sessions for those who cant come during the week.  We request the students to keep time and also stick to the same timing for the duration of the course. Any change of class timing will have to be requested to the management.

The course will need to be finished within 12 working days.  The board will be prepared and the sketch will be drawn on the same. As time is limited, only the work pertaining to this painting will be done in the 4 days. Board preparation will be taught in the end of the 2nd or 3rd class. Hence please let us know which class you would like to learn this. This will be an extra 20 min we will take. Hence please plan for the same. We encourage students, to space their classes over a week so they time in between the 4 sessions to complete homework. The more the students do as homework, the better they will be equipped to do a painting later.

The student will be given a certificate of completion from CHAYA after the final class. 

Any extra work (such as learning how to do other faces/ other sketching), can certainly be taught outside of these 4 classes and which will be Rs. 600/2 hours. The picture you make will need to be framed. If you would like us to frame it, the framing charges will be actuals depending on the type of frame chosen. We usually recommend a chettinad frame +acrylic (not glass)

Acrylic Painting: - 4 days -  for approx 1.5 hours each day - Rs. 2000/- for the class only.  Materials will be at actuals that we also sell as a kit . We will teach an 8x10 inches painting in class.  You can do a regular scenery painting / kerala mural. For beginners we either do a dancing lady or a ganesha. 

 Oil Painting: - 4 days - for approx 1.5 hours each day - Rs. 2000/- for the class only. The materials will be at actuals depending on the size of canvas/ painting chosen. We encourage the student to space their classes over 6 days, so they can take up homework days in between, learn the nuances and can ask the teacher the same at the next class.  Also the painting needs time to dry in between classes.

Please email us at chayatanjore@gmail.com / sms 9940168780 / 9860668521 for more information. Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you at CHAYA. 



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