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Tanjore Painting Class

PAINTING CLASSES @ CHAYA gallery (Chennai only):
We teach Tanjore painting, Acrylic and Oil painting classes at CHAYA. 
  1. Age:  10 yrs upwards. Beginners welcome.
  2. The classes are taught one on one (max 2 to a class).
  3. It is taught at our gallery itself, by a professional artiste & will be conducted during our gallery hours only. We do not do group classes.
  4. An 8x10 picture is taught in class and we provide all the materials for the picture. You can choose 1 from the sketches to do in class : ganesha / annam / elephant / lakshmi / andal / krishna. We do NOT DO other sketches during the class. To know more about the sketches used for the classes, pls see the link :Tanjore DIY kit (
  5. Course fee includes: All the materials (for an 8x10 inch painting) + Artists fees  (for total of 8 hours) -Amt: 7000/-.
  6. The course fee should be paid as an advance for us to proceed with next steps. Once it is paid, please share a screenshot to our team . This amount  will be non refundable. 
  7. We accept only online or cash payments. We do not accept credit / debit cards.  Please see all info reg our payments in the link :
  8. The class timings will be: Class 1- 2.5 to 3 hours , Class 2- 2.5 to 3 hours and Class 3- 2 to 3 hours. 
  9. All 3 sessions should be completed within 10 working days.
  10. The class includes a prepared board  & as time is limited, only the work pertaining to this painting will be done in these classes. We encourage students, to space their classes so they have time in between the sessions to complete homework. We encourage the students to do more homework so they can be better prepared to do their own painting later. We also do weekend only sessions for those who can’t come during the week.
  11. We request the students to keep time and also stick to the same timing for the duration of the course.  For any change of class timing, kindly send a msg to either Mrs. Champa or Ms. Sowmya so we can coordinate the same. If the student is not able to make it for class, kindly inform at least 2 hours before so we can inform the Artist. For any last minute cancellations or if the student does not inform ahead and if the artist shows up, we would be charging Rs.200 to pay for artist transportation charges.
  12. The student will be given a certificate of completion from CHAYA after the final class. CHAYA shares the photo of the student holding the certificate on our CHAYA FB page. However if the student is not willing to  share on FB, we will respect that.
  13. The picture you make will need to be framed. If you would like us to frame it, the framing charges will be actuals depending on the type of frame chosen. you can let us know after the first class regarding the frame.  We usually recommend a chettinad straight frame +acrylic (not glass).
  14. We can also teach other size paintings however the charges/ time taken for class will vary. We recommend students go with the 8x10 inch size first and thereafter other larger sizes. Any extra work (such as learning how to do other faces/ other sketching), can certainly be taught outside of these sessions. The classes will be charged per class. The duration is generally for 1.5 hours.  
To fix your tanjore painting class, please sms or whatsapp our gallery staff Sundari at +918838503978. 
Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you at CHAYA gallery. :)