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Tanjore Art Since 1988
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Tanjore paintings

Tanjore painting is an extraordinary visual amalgamation of both art and crafts. It is rich and exquisite in its art form and materials used.  The characteristics of the tanjore paintings are its brilliant colour schemes the use of semi precious stones & the relief work covered with REAL 22 carat gold leaf that lasts for generations! Tanjore painting is not just any art. Its an invesment for future generations too. :)

Chaya works with both expert and senior artists. Under Expert artists, we have the Master artist (Facial features are exquisite - order time is min 4 to 6 months), Antique artists (order time 4 to 8 weeks) and Hi-Emboss artists (a labour oriented process. order time 2 to 4 months). Under Senior artists - We have a variety of artists, with each having their own distinct style. The prices of the painting will differ based on the artist, the type of painting, size of painting, the number of figures and the frame . Delivery time depends on our current orders, artist availability, and number of pieces required. 

We carry in the retail store framed pieces of only the below sizes ready to buy. 
Senior artist only:
Sizes in inches (outer size with frame )
4"x4" (5.5x5.5)
6"x 8" (8x10)
8"x10" (11x13)
Expert and senior artists:
10"x12" (13x15)
12" x 15" (15x18)
16"x 20" (20x24)
18"x 24" (23x29)
All sizes above 18x24 inch are made to order only.
The paintings are all framed with Chettinad Teak Wood frame +Acrylic 
The general rule of thumb is, a painting that is 6x8 inches, will have only 1 figure with not too many embellishments. What we we can do in a small size, we can always do in a large size. The reverse will not work. Hence a painting that is 6x8 inches will have 1 figure, 2 figures min 8x10 inches, 3-4 figures min 10x12 inches and so on. 
With regards to larger size painting, any size greater than an 18x24, the cost is based on sq feet only. 

A traditional  Tanjore painting is done with wood as its base. Here is a brief flowchart on how it goes - On a water-proofply- a cloth with some preperations is stuck - the board is made smooth using stone- The sketch is drawn - stones are placed- relief work done - gold foil stick over the relief work and stones - colours are painted - final highlights to the painting - framed with chettinad frame (with acrylic)  - ready to be hung! 

While, traditional paintings mostly depict only Hindu gods and goddesses, with Krishna being the most popular, more recently, the art has extended to all religions such as Jesus, Mary, Mecca, Mahaveera, Sai, Buddha and also non religious subjects like  animals, birds & flowers. We can pretty much do any figure with a tanjore gold touch to it. The paintings are further enriched with ornate beautiful frames. This adds another 2-3 inches overall to the painting size.

We SHIP anywhere in the world! Do email us at for further information. Please also feel free to call or whatsapp us at +918778758171. 
Buying tanjore art from CHAYA greatly supports our cause of keeping up this wonderful rich traditional art. We thank you for your encouragement :)