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Kerala Mural Works

Kerala Mural Art is a beautiful form of painting, from the region of Kerala, India. The murals found in the temples at Tirunandikam and Tiruvanchikumar are reckoned as the earliest form of Kerala mural paintings, in the 15th century AD. They are also found in the historic rock paintings in the Anjanad valley, Idikki district in Kerala. The traditional art form used vegetable dyes and natural pigments however nowadays we use acrylic colours to replicate the same sketches. The Kerala mural art forms have bright vibrant colours and the figures have a district representation in the way the body structure is done or the eyes are depicted as well. While themes were originally from the epics or religious gods, we now have generic themes, flowers, birds and also in smaller paintings and interesting keyholders!
The options in Kerala Murals are endless. If there is a mural you like, but dont see on our website, please do send us the same and we can recreate it for you. We may not be posting all our works on our website and hence. All the below Kerala Mural paintings arfe made to order.Kindly check our gallery stock of current items by visiting this link:

Kerala Mural Ganesha

Size: 10" x 12"..

Kerala Mural Hanuman

min size 11x18 inches..

Kerala Mural Keyholders 1

Painting made useful also. A colourful gift! :) size 8x10 inches..

Kerala Mural Keyholders 10

Another design of Ganesha. Size: 5"×6"..

Kerala Mural Keyholders 2

Bird design. Size 7x7 inches with frame..

Kerala Mural Keyholders 3

A Ganesha design. Size 7x7 inches with frame..

Kerala Mural Keyholders 4

A lovely floral design...

Kerala Mural Keyholders 5

Here are 2 recent ones done. ..

Kerala Mural Keyholders 7

A beautiful lotus pattern...

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