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Tanjore Art Since 1988
Gallery at Eldams Road, Chennai | Paintings Framed & Ready to Ship | All products can be custom-made

Hand painted Articles

Exquisitely hand painted work on wood done in vibrant colours which includes photo frames, mirrors and key holders.

Hand painted Wooden Boat

Size: length:16"    Breadth :4" Height :3"   Weight: 780g..

Hand painted Wooden Lamp Stand

Size: Height:4.5"    Weight::150g each..

Jute tea coasters with warli design (Colour)

Size: 4"x4" These coasters come with colourful rims. They depict the everyday life in Warli Art ..

Madhubani Painting

Size:8x10 inches..

Madhubani Painting

Other art work in madhubani also undertaken in customized sizes. ..

Mandala Coasters 1

Size: 4 inches..

Mandala Coasters 2

Size:4 inches..

Marapaachi Dolls - Hand Painted 2

These marapaachi dolls are painted to look colourful. They are less expensive than their Tanjor..

Marapaachi Dolls - Hand Painted 4 (Village Style)

Size: 13"   Weight:1.1Kg    ..

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