Happy Clients
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    "We have had the pleasure of associating with CHAYA for over 5 Years. They work with meticulous planning & come up with expert suggestions"
    Hema & Ramnath
    Cochin, India

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    "Mind blowing, impeccable, divine, ethnic, exemplary, beautiful, customer experience are some of the words which come to my mind when I think of CHAYA paintings & art work."
    Mr.Ashwin Venkatesan
    USA & India

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    "Our one stop shop for all our creative needs. We think it & CHAYA captures that thought and executes the idea to perfection! And just like that each of our ideas have now been preserved for posterity!"
    Ms.Vaishali Ramani
    Paris, France

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    "Awesome customization, structured detailing, order record, beautiful painting,safe packaging and prompt delivery!"
    Ms.P. Madhu
    Bangalore, India

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    "Made a right choice to shop for gift from Chaya. It was all online. An awesome Tanjore painting, spent few minutes to find what I liked, until delivery within time agreed, everything was efficient."
    Mr.G Uday

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    "I ordered baby golu padi and marapachi dolls. Loved the detailed art work done on the golu padi."
    Ms.Nithya Arun

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    "Love Love this place!!! Just received my paintings to add to my already existing CHAYA collection"
    Ms.Preethi Sridhara
    California, USA

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    "Chaya is my one shop solution for gifts, quintessentially Indian but work well with people from different cultures.Most satisfying was my recent order of the tanjore worked frame of dance mudras was done beautifully, on time, packed very nicely & within the budgets we agreed on"
    Mrs.Aruna Anand
    Wife & Manager of Chess Champion Anand

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    "The beautiful 5ft X 4ft Ananthapadmanabha is the pride of our living room in Mumbai. The entire process has been a seamless & happy experience.There is more that we want from you soon."
    Mrs.Girija Jayasankar

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    "CHAYAs paintings have an old-world charm & ethnic feel, among the best we have seen. Our paintings arrived in the US in perfect shape. Thank you CHAYA, for your professional and outstanding work"
    Shankar & Usha, Texas- USA

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    "Congratulations for bringing a beautiful store to Chennai which displays the rich heritage and artistic handicraft of India. I wish CHAYA all the very best and hope this space will showcase the master pieces of great artists, since Smt Champa Kumar herself is an artist and connoisseur of great repute."
    Gopika Varma-Mohiniyattam Exponent

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    "The reason I buy the work of Chaya is because of the clarity in work and the facial features. The gods look so divine."
    Mrs.Andal Agoram - Chennai.

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    "Like the fact that its handled by two interesting combination of youth and experience....Very personalized at the same time professional...Plenty of clarity in knows exactly the expenditure involved while placing orders...Quality of work is very good....Very satisfied customer....All the best!"
    Mrs.Padmavathy Gunasekhar - Chennai.

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    "Always been fascinated by CHAYAs work. It captures the timeless appeal of Indian deities. Over the years have collected their work avidly."
    Mrs.Kausalya Neelakantan - Chennai.

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    "The paintings arrived safe in Delhi. The packing was done extremely well. I was very happy to see the paintings that had the signature Chaya style. Every one of our friends and teachers were thrilled to receive them and all of them appreciated the clarity and the beauty of the paintings.Thank you so much for your special attention and effort once again."
    T.S.Ramji & Meena-New Delhi

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    "Excellent tanjore paintings. I bought some recently for a Rotary national event and they were a big hit with every one. great job and thanks for the prompt delivery of the paintings"
    Mrs.Nalini Prabhakar - Chennai.

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Tanjore DIY Kit Details

Tanjore DIY Kit Details
Product Code: Kit 3

Our standard tanjore kit (which is always readily available) includes the below items.

You can choose from any one of the sketches  to be included as part of your kit -  annam / elephant / ganesha / lakshmi / andal / krishna

We also do customized kits for other sizes from sizes 6x8 upto size 16x20 inch paintings

The cost of the standard 8x10 kit is Rs. 2990 all inclusive. Cost of shipping is actuals. 

Materials that are included for the standard kit : 

1. Step by Step Instructions
2. 8”x10” waterproof - PREPARED PLAIN BOARD 
3. Arabic gum 
4. Putty chalk powder
5. Cone (for applying the relief paste)
6. Sharp paper cutter
7. Micro tip pen – black colour
8. Compass
9. scissors
10. White fevicol
11. Yellow Carbon Paper 
12. Precious stones in red / green  for this size painting
13. gold foil sheets
14. Poster colours – 6nos
15. brushes – 3 nos
16. palette 
17. Color Pic
18. B&W Line drawing of the pic (this is used to trace onto the board)
19. Muck line drawing of the pic (this is used to highlight where all the muck relief work can be applied on the painting)
Things that you will need at home other than the above :Cellotape, pencil, scissors, eraser, waste cloth (plenty), cup & spoon
We also carry prepared tanjore boards with the relief work & stones. We also provide any extra materials reqd (other than stones) that you may require, like arabic gum, chalk powder and gold foils. 

Dear Esteemed Customer,
Thank you for your interest in CHAYA products. Please do note, during rush times, it may take upto 2 weeks to answer your query in detail & we thank you for your understanding & patience. Before filling in the details below, please take a few minutes to go through this LINK to understand the general sizes / pricing for our tanjore paintings. This will help you make a more informed choice. Thank you!

Tanjore DIY Kit Details - Kit 3

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